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We are delighted to welcome you in the region of Chania on the island of Crete in Greece. Chania area is one of the most appealing and worldwide popular tourist destinations of Greece, attracting every year thousands of visitors who repeatedly return to this city that has been so generously blessed by nature and densely woven by history.

The city of Chania is built on the area of Minoan Kidonia (3.000-2.800 BC), which according to mythology was founded by King Kydon and was one of the most important cities of Crete, as Homer mentioned. Chania is today a wonderful mixture result of Eastern and Western civilizations, a beautiful, picturesque town with a charming medieval old town, the iconic Venetian harbour, numerous old buildings, museums, churches and crafts shops, some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, intriguing castles and a unique natural landscape.

You will also understand why Cretan cuisine (widely known as Mediterranean diet) has gained worldwide acclaim. In the fish tavernas, rakadika and historic cafes, the flavours of Crete will win you over.